ESOL Gramatika Výslovnost Testy Kurz 60 Texty Idiomy Nápovědy Angličtina

Čas do ukončení testu a přesunu na výsledky.

Time: 25 Minutes
40 Questions

Each sentence in Part A is an incomplete sentence. Four words or phrases marked (1),(2),(3),are given beneath each sentence. You are to choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

1. Captain Henry,_____________ crept slowly through the underbrush.
  1. being remote from the enemy,
  2. attempting to not encounter the enemy,
  3. trying to avoid the enemy,
  4. not involving himself in the enemy,

2. Tommy was one ____________________
  1. of the happy childs of his class
  2. of the happiest child in the class
  3. child who was the happiest of all the class
  4. of the happiest children in the class

3._____________ he began to make friends more easily.
  1. Having entered school in the new city, it was found that
  2. After entering the new school,
  3. When he had been entering the new school,
  4. Upon entering into the new school,

4. It is very difficult to stop the cultivation of marijuana because _____________
  1. it grows very carelessly
  2. or it`s growth without attention
  3. it grows well with little care
  4. it doesn`t care much to grow

5. The fact that space exploration has increased dramatically in the past thirty ___________
  1. is an evidence of us wanting to know more of our solar system
  2. indicates that we are very eager to learn all we can about our solar system
  3. how we want to learn more about the solar system
  4. is pointing to evidence of our intention to know a lot more about what is called our solar system

6. Many of the current international problems we are now facing _______________
  1. linguistic incompetencies
  2. are the result of misunderstandings
  3. are because of not understanding themselves
  4. lacks of the intelligent capabilities of understanding each other

7. Mr.Roberts is a noted chemist_____________
  1. as well as an effective teacher
  2. and too a very efficient teacher
  3. but he teaches very good in addition
  4. however he teaches very good also

8. Public television stations are different from commercial stations __________________
  1. because they receive money differently and different types of shows
  2. for money and program types
  3. in the areas of funding and programming
  4. because the former receives money and has programs differently from the latter

9. Manufacturers often sacrifice quality _______________________ -
  1. for a larger profit margin
  2. in place of to earn more money
  3. to gain more quantities of money
  4. and instead earn a bigger amount of profit

10. Automobile production in the United States ____________
  1. have taken slumps and rises in recent years
  2. has been rather erratic recently
  3. has been erratically lately
  4. are going up and down all the time

11. A major problem in the construction of new buildings _______________
  1. is that windows have been eliminates while air conditioning systems have not been perfected
  2. is they have eliminated windows and still don't have good air conditioning
  3. is because windows are eliminated but air conditioners don't work good
  4. is dependent on the fact that while they have eliminated windows, they are not capable to produce efficient air conditioning systems

12.John said that no other car could go ______________
  1. so fast like his car
  2. as fast like his car
  3. as fast like the car of him
  4. as fast as his car

13. Her grades have improved, but only ________________
  1. in a small amount
  2. very slightly
  3. minimum
  4. some

14. While attempting to reach his home before the storm,_______________
  1. the bicycle of John broke down
  2. it happened that John's bike broke down
  3. the storm caught John
  4. John had an accident on his bicycle

15. The changes in this city have occurred _________________
  1. with swiftness
  2. rapidly
  3. fastly
  4. in rapid ways

Each sentence in Part B has four words of phrases underlined. The four underlined parts of the sentences are marked (1), (B), (3), (4). You are to identify the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected or rewritten. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer.

16. The official object TO THEM WEARING dresses for the inaugural dance AT THE COUNTRY CLUB.
17. Janet is finally used to COOK on an electric stove AFTER HAVING a gas ONE FOR SO LONG.
18. He KNOWS to repair THE carburetor without TAKING the whole car APART.
19. Stuart stopped TO WRITE his letter BECAUSE he had to LEAVE FOR THE HOSPITAL.
20. She must RETYPING the report BEFORE she HANDS IT TO TO THE director of financing.
21. How MUCH times did RICK AND JENNIFER have to do the experiment before they OBTAINED THE RESULTS they had been EXPECTING.
22. Each of the STUDENTS IN THE accounting class has to type THEIR OWN research paper this semester.
23. Mrs.Stevens, along WITH HER COUSINS FROM New Mexico, ARE planning TO ATTEND the festivities.
24. They ARE going TO HAVE TO LEAVE SOON, and SO DO we.
25. All the STUDENTS ARE looking FORWARD SPENDING THEIR free time relaxing in the sun this summer.
26. Dresses, skirts, shoes, and CHILDREN'S CLOTHING ARE ADVERTISED AT GREAT reduced prices this weekend.
28. A lunch OF soup and sandwiches DO not APPEAL TO ALL of the students.
29. Some of us HAVE to study THEIR lessons MORE CAREFULLY if we expect TO PASS this examination.
30. Mr.Peters used to THINK of HIMSELF AS THE ONLY president OF THE COMPANY.
31. The instruction advised the students FOR the PROCEDURE to FOLLOW IN WRITING the term paper.
32. Although both OF THEM ARE TRYING TO GET the scholarship, she has the HIGHEST grades.
33. The new technique CALLS for HEAT the mixture before APPLYING IT TO THE WOOD.
34. The pilot AND THE CREW DIVIDED the life preservers BETWEEN the twenty FRANTIC PASSENGERS.
35. A FIVE-THOUSAND-DOLLARS reward WAS OFFERED FOR THE CAPTURE of the escaped criminals.
38. We thought he IS planning TO GO ON VACATION AFTER THE FIRST the month.
39. There ARE a large supply OF PENS and notebooks IN THE STOREROOM TO THE LEFT OF the library entrance.
40. The president refuses TO ACCEPT EITHER of the four NEW PROPOSALS MADE BY the contractors.

STOP. This is the end of the structure and written expression section. If your finish before time is up, check your work on parts A and B of this section only.